Correctional Food Services

Commissary Food Service
Not only does Tigg's Canteen secure quality products at competitive prices, but we are constantly testing and evaluating new products. We are confident our procurement processes and skilled staff … Learn More

Correctional Commissary

Commissary Correctional Services
Like all of Tigg's Canteen services, your commissary program can be tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your facility and inmate population. Commissary programs can serve as a profit center that fund … Learn More

Inmate Laundry Services

Correctional Laundry Services
Tigg's Canteen will work with your staff to develop a linen and clothing plan that complements your facility’s schedule. Tigg's Canteen provides secure chemical dispensing units that and accidental spills. Through a comprehensive … Learn More

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About Tigg’s Canteen Services

Canteen Commissary Services

Since 1932, the Tiggleman family has provided its customers with superior food and service.

Over the course of this time, Tigg's Canteen Services has evolved from selling penny peanuts to being a major provider of food and commissary services to county jails, elderly nutrition programs, half-way houses, drug rehabilitation centers, and other at-risk population centers.

We offer the latest innovations in food services, technology and equipment. We serve approximately 600,000 meals a month, and we do so at the highest levels of service and integrity.

Charities & Organizations

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