Charities & Organizations

Tiggs Canteen Charities & Organizations
Tigg’s Canteen Services is proud to support local charities and organizations.

Michigan Sheriffs’ Association

Canteen is a Preferred Vendor for Michigan Sheriffs’ Association and sponsors many events which support sheriffs from all over Michigan. MSA’s mission: Ensure the safety and security of Michigan citizens by assisting the elected Sheriffs and their personnel in the development of resources and skills through education and training.

Indiana Sheriffs’ Association

Canteen donates time and support to the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association. It is the mission of the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association to help maintain the Office of the Sheriff. Canteen Services is the Preferred Vendor for the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association.

Other affiliated organizations

• Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates
• American Jail Association Charitable Contributions