Congratulations to Our VP of Operations, Robin Sherman!

Press Release:

Robin Sherman Honored with the 2019 ACFSA Al Richardson Founder’s Award

Burbank, CA, October 9, 2019, – Robin Sherman was presented with the prestigious ACFSA Al

Richardson Founder’s Award on Tuesday, September 24, which recognizes an outstanding

ACFSA Member for their promotion of ACFSA.  Robin Sherman, Vice President of Operations, TIGG’s Canteen Services, Inc, received the award for her many years of dedication, support and volunteer service to the Association on the State, Regional and International levels.  

The Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates celebrates its 50th anniversary with the 2019 Annual International Conference Vendor Showcase in Memphis, Tennessee. This year, the conference introduced the latest services, equipment, food products and training designed specifically for correctional food service programs.  With nearly100 exhibitors, this year was one of our most successful vendor showcases.

ACFSA President, Lt. Tim Thielman, CFSM,  CCFP  with 2019 Al Richardson Founder’s         Award Winner,  Robin Sherman, CCFP, CFSM 

The Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates (ACFSA) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the professional growth of our Nation’s many correctional food service employees.

ACFSA was formed in 1969 to enhance, represent and promote the correctional segment of the food service industry. Association members are food service professionals employed in correctional facilities and agencies within federal, state and municipal prison/jail systems.