Correctional Commissary Services

Commissary Services

Like all of Tigg’s Canteen’s services, your commissary program can be tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your facility and inmate population. Canteen Services offers correctional commissary services to Michigan, northern Indiana and northern Ohio.

Correctional commissary services can serve as a profit center that fund other programs and initiatives. Tigg’s Canteen has superior purchasing power which enables us to provide high-quality merchandise at lower prices. This translates into more food selection for inmates and higher participation.

Security is a primary concern and top priority in any Correctional Facility. Tigg’s Canteen maintains strict procedures to safeguard every aspect of the commissary process; from warehouse to delivery to distribution, nothing is overlooked.

Our secure delivery system utilizes clear, tamper-proof plastic commissary bags, personal items and electronic devices to ensure prevention of concealed contraband. Strict rules regarding safe behavior and fraternization between inmates and staff are maintained for the safety of both parties.