Correctional Food Services

Correctional Food Services

Since 1990, Canteen’s Correctional Food Services division has been the undisputed leader throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

We service the nutritional and personal needs of inmates, seniors, and other at-risk persons, through cost-effective approaches, making us an industry leader in Correctional Food Services, Commissary, and Laundry Services. Our unyielding commitment to continual improvement and high-quality standards have built our reputation for excellent service and professional integrity.

Reducing Risk

Our team focuses on reducing the risks associated with feeding inmates. Our processes assure your inmates are fed a highly nutritious and safe meal.

Purchasing Power

Not only does Canteen secure quality products at competitive prices, but we are constantly testing and evaluating new products. We are confident our procurement processes and skilled staff will provide your inmates with high-quality meals, while exceeding their expectations and lowering costs to satisfy your operating budget.

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals ClassesNational Registry of Food Safety Professionals Classes

Canteen’s certified NRFSP trainers provide their capabilities to your staff and the inmates at your facility. You gain NRFSP certified food service workers and inmates are provided with valuable, marketable skills within the service sector. Upon returning to the general work force, Canteen assists participants in gaining employment, ultimately reducing recidivism.

Efficient Delivery

To keep mealtimes running smoothly, Canteen associates work closely with your staff and our correctional food services delivery systems are designed to match your facility’s unique layout, security requirements, and kitchen specifications.