Correctional Kiosks

Booking Kiosks are available to Michigan, northern Indiana, and northern Ohio. There are four key areas that provide time, expense, and personnel savings.


An arresting officer will deposit all of the detainee’s cash and coin into the booking kiosk. The kiosk will print out a receipt with the amount deposited into the kiosk. The funds are guaranteed and our partners have zero cash liability.


A newly-booked inmate can go to the booking area kiosk and use his/her credit or debit card to post bail. Family members can post bail conveniently and securely online, by phone or at the kiosk located in the lobby. Faster releases mean faster and more cost-effective bed turnover.

Load Inmate Funds

Friends and family members can replenish an inmate’s account by using one of our Canteen kiosks or they can use our secure website to do so from their home. Funds can be loaded using a credit card, debit card, or cash. A phone-in deposit option is also available. Our self-service kiosk counts the cash for you and is collected by a bonded and approved agent. All funds are guaranteed.

Inmate Release

Upon an inmate’s release from your facility, the Canteen Debit Release Card allows jail personnel to load an inmate’s remaining account funds onto a PIN-based debit card. The funds posted on the card are immediately available to the inmate at over 900,000 locations nationwide. The officer labor required to prepare and reconcile checks as part of month-end reconciliation is eliminated, as is the need to balance uncashed checks with the state. Debit release cards eliminate reoccurring concerns with check fraud.